Fun, exciting project management exercises Providing life skills for young students!

What are some of our favorite days? When we get to volunteer teach programs for JA Rocky Mountain!

More than 10 years ago, DMPMEF began partnering with JA Rocky Mountain in the Metro Denver elementary schools with our Hal Lunka taking the lead, later joined by Chuck Knezevich. Currently, we also serve JA Rocky Mountain in area middle and high schools. We are privileged to be part of this investment in the leaders of our future.

Whether in elementary, middle or high schools, the goal of DMPMEF is to bring fun and exciting exercises in project management that provide life skills for young people—and put them on the path to organized, practical skill sets that provide a foundation for success.

Junior Achievement elementary class

Projects we teach for the younger students include making and baking doughnuts or pizza, as examples of step by step projects. For high schoolers, we teach on resumes, interviewing and marketing as they approach college admissions. Students proudly display their certificates of completion!

“Working with the students in Junior Achievement and their teachers is an awesome privilege for us.”

Chuck Knezevich, PMP, Mentor
Junior Achievement in the Classroom

Success in school and—later—in business. Success in life. That’s how project management, the 21st Century Life Skill, can make a difference in developing capable, competent, and confident young adults.


Rocky Mountain Junior Achievement Volunteer Award

Over the years, Chuck Knezevich and fellow DMPMEF mentor Hal Lunka, have enjoyed their volunteer service in working with JA teachers to present special programs.

We’re so honored that JA/Denver named Chuck their 2019 Volunteer of the Year.

Junior Achivement - Middle School Students
Junior Achivement - Elementary Students

We are dedicated to providing the valuable 21st Century skills of project management for kids K-12 and above.”

Hal Lunka, MBA,PMP, Mentor
Junior Achievement elementary class
JR Achievement elementary students

 We are so honored to partner with Junior Achievement.